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Terms & Conditions

Booking Conditions

A holiday booking is made between Skiwhite and the signatory of the booking form (‘you’) who must be older than 18 years of age, and is deemed the Group Leader. All correspondence to Skiwhite is to be addressed to: Skiwhite, Millhurst, Boreham Street, Hailsham, East Sussex BN27 4SD or via e-mail at info@skiwhite.co.uk. The contract between you and Skiwhite is in all circumstances to be governed by these booking conditions.

Deposits & Confirmation

A deposit of £250 per person is payable at the time of booking. On receipt of your holiday deposit, Skiwhite will send you confirmation of booking showing the arrangements booked, the balance and when it is due.


Full payment of the balance as shown on your confirmation invoice is due 10 weeks prior to departure. If the payment is not received at this point, Skiwhite reserves the right to cancel your holiday and levy cancellation charges as detailed below. For bookings made within 10 weeks of departure full payment for the holiday must be made immediately to confirm your reservation.

Amendments by You

Must be confirmed in writing via e-mail or post. They will come into effect on the day they are received. You hereby agree to indemnify Skiwhite for any reasonable expenses incurred in making other amendments. Skiwhite will not levy an administration charge for name changes other than the Group Leader.

Alterations by Skiwhite

Skiwhite reserves the right to change your accommodation where chalet occupancy levels dictate. Whilst every endeavour will be made to avoid this change, due notification will be given to the client and any financial re-adjustment applied. Skiwhite reserves the right in any circumstances to cancel your holiday. However, in no case will we cancel your holiday less than four weeks before the scheduled departure date except for reasons of ‘Force Majeure’ which include war, political unrest, weather, strikes, acts of God, epidemics, riots, civil strife, industrial disputes, terrorist activity, nuclear, natural and technical disasters (including but not limited to avalanches), closure of ports and airports or unless the client defaults in the payment of instalments or the final balance of the holiday cost.

In the unlikely event that any alteration is made by Skiwhite, which is deemed to be significant (for example a change of dates or change in accommodation standards), you have the right to cancel the holiday if you wish. Should you cancel in such circumstances you will receive a full refund. Please note that Skiwhite cannot pay expenses, costs or losses incurred by you as a result of any change or cancellation.

Cancellation by You

Should you cancel your holiday for whatever reason charges will be levied as detailed below. Cancellations will come into effect the day written notice is received by Skiwhite and will be refunded as shown.

Days before departure Cancellation charge (% total invoice)
More than 56 days Deposit only
56-29 days 50%
28-15 days 80%
14-0 days 100%

If no written notice of cancellation is received and you do not travel, cancellation is deemed to have been received on the day of departure. Skiwhite reserves the right to re-sell any part of a cancelled holiday and this does not affect our right to levy cancellation fees. Depending on the reason for your cancellation, you may be able to reclaim these charges under the terms of your own insurance policy.

Your Responsibilities

As part of this contract you hereby agree to guarantee payment for any chargeable services requested by any member of your group both before and during your holiday. It is your responsibility to ensure that each member of your group carries adequate winter sports insurance. Please treat the chalet and all Skiwhite property with care and respect. Skiwhite reserves the right to recover from you the cost of breakages, damage to accommodation etc caused with or without intent by you or any member of your party. If you have caused any damage to the property you will be invoiced for the cost of replacement or repair. If you have any outstanding payments such as telephone bills, ski passes, ski equipment or ski lessons, you will be invoiced accordingly. All guests undertake to behave in such a manner as in no way to cause, distress, danger or annoyance to other guests, Skiwhite employees and/or any third party. Behaviour deemed unacceptable by Skiwhite will result in termination of your holiday and you shall have no right to a refund for your holiday or any expenses incurred as a result of termination. Skiwhite does not accept liability for financial loss or damage to property suffered by you other than due to the negligence of Skiwhite’s employees. Skiwhite accepts no responsibility for the action of its guests and shall not be held liable for any claim made against them (or as a result of their actions) by a third party.


You must inform Skiwhite at the time of booking if there are children (aged 12 or under) or infants (aged under 2) in your party, and give the age they will be on the final day of your holiday. No matter how much care is taken skiing chalets are not child proof. We will not be held responsible for any accidents occurring within the chalets, it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their children are supervised at all times. Hot Tubs, Spas, Jacuzzis, Saunas and Steam Rooms in Skiwhite chalets are used by you at your own risk and Skiwhite cannot accept any responsibility for accidents/injuries sustained while using these facilities. Children must be supervised at all times. We do not recommend hot tubs, spas etc for children under 12.

Arrival/Departure Times

The chalets will be available to incoming guests after 4pm on day of arrival, Saturday (unless clearly stated) although we will endeavour to have the chalet ready earlier only if previously requested for and agreed by Skiwhite. The chalet must be vacated on day of departure by 10am.

Documents and Insurance

Skiing can be a dangerous pursuit both on and off piste, therefore you MUST be fully insured before partaking in a skiing holiday. Health, Passports & Visas are your responsibility, please ensure that documents are in proper order before travel. Skiwhite accepts no liability for any loss or inconvenience caused as a result of your failure to take reasonable care in this respect.


Where Skiwhite is not arranging travel on your behalf, it is your responsibility to organise your own group’s travel and you must inform Skiwhite of your arrangements at least 4 weeks before departure requesting transfers if applicable. Skiwhite cannot accept responsibility for guests missing flights for any reason or mislaying or destroying travel documents and no credit or refund will be given if you fail to take up a component of your holiday as a result. Skiwhite is not responsible for any flight delays but wherever possible, will provide any previously booked resort transfers, however any additional costs incurred as a result of a flight delay will be paid by you.

Third Party Activities

Skiwhite can assist in sourcing and booking many of the extra services you need when on a winter holiday, these services are subject to the terms and conditions of the individual companies and our help does not constitute an approval and we take no responsibility or liability for the service. Any grievance with a third party service should be taken up with the provider and client directly.

Lost and stolen property

In the event that guests lose or leave items in the chalet, no responsibility will be accepted if the property is not recovered or returned. Skiwhite will post left items to clients if they so wish however, the postage cost must be met by the client. Skiwhite cannot accept any responsibility for theft either from the chalet or at any other time during your holiday. Any client not properly securing the exits and windows after leaving the chalet will be liable to any property taken as a result of that negligence

Smoking Policy

Skiwhite has a strict no-smoking policy In ALL of their premises and vehicles. Specific smoking areas outside of the premises will be advised to clients by Skiwhite chalet staff.


If you are ever unhappy with any aspect of your holiday, you must address your complaint immediately to both the Skiwhite chalet manager and the local service provider if applicable. In the unlikely event that your problem cannot be resolved locally, you must inform Skiwhite in writing of your complaint within 30 days of your return so that any rights to compensation can be examined. In the event that your dispute cannot be settled amicably, it may (if you wish) be referred to arbitration.


We reserve the right to change the price of unsold holidays at any time. Please check the applicable price of your chosen holiday at the time of booking.

Skiing with Skiwhite

It is the responsibility of you and your group to judge the suitability of each area in which you ski. If you or any member of your group ski in a location on the recommendation of or accompanied by any representative of Skiwhite, Skiwhite will not be liable for any injuries howsoever caused.


Headings within these booking conditions are for reference purposes only and all images are intended to give a general impression only. These booking conditions and any matters arising from them are subject to and governed by English law. To the best of our knowledge all details on this site were accurate in September 2008.


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